Oct 13, 2017


This past week (10/11) we dove into the last of the big five worldview questions: Where Are We Going? Where is all this headed? Are we really going to "hell in a hand basket"? Are we believers just supposed to jump ship? or bide our time until Jesus comes back to destroy everything and take us to heaven?

It's been said that some people are so heavenly focused that they are no earthly good. This comes from a misunderstanding of what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of Heaven. Our modern misconceptions about heaven/the afterlife/eternal life are more representative of Islam, Buddhism, and even the Greek understanding of Hades/Elysium and present a less than accurate conception of heaven as revealed in the Scriptures.

So buckle up, because we're all on a trip going somewhere. Click the box below to listen to the audio from class, and follow along with the presentation notes. I've added a few more videos than we had time to get to in class. So be sure to check these out, too!


Last week (10/4) we discussed the fourth big worldview question: What's the Solution? We can all agree that the world is full of problems. We can maybe even agree that there may be one or two main causes to all the other smaller, more specific problems in our lives, like sin, corruption, rebellion against God/the gods, etc.

But have you noticed that we can look at the same problem and come up with completely opposite solutions? And if we can't even agree on a solution to a specific *lower case problem on our own, then what makes us think that we can even come close to solving The *upper case PROBLEM of sin and death on our own? We must look to something/someone outside of the Problem in order to find a solution. That's where Jesus comes in.

Feel free to listen to the class audio - there's a chunk that I cut out for the sake of time and flow - and follow along with the presentation notes & videos.

Sep 22, 2017


As we dive into the big five worldview questions, we quickly realize that something has gone awry. If God is an all loving, all powerful God who created and sustains the entire universe, AND if humans are made in the image of God, created to be beloved, precious children of the Father, THEN...why is this world so messed up?

Who is God? Who am I? What's the problem?

Again, these are all questions that every single person on the planet must wrestle with. Every generation must find their own answers to these questions. Every religion and philosophy is an attempt to find answers to these questions. And the problem of pain and suffering is as old as human civilization itself.

So we spent 45 minutes on a Wednesday night in a church basement discussing these very matters. Check out the audio recording, the class notes, and the videos.

What do you think the problem is?
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